Deposit guarantee scheme or ‘DGS’ means any scheme referred to in point (a), (b) or (c) of Article 1(2) of the DGS Directive:

Article 1.2 This Directive shall apply to: (a) statutory DGSs; (b) contractual DGSs that are officially recognised as DGSs in accordance with Article 4(2); (c) institutional protection schemes that are officially recognised as DGSs in accordance with Article 4(2);

EU Deposit Guarantee Schemes

  • Belgium (be_pf): Fonds de Protection (Protection Fund)

  • Bulgaria (bg_dif): Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF)

  • Croatia (hr_di): State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Resolution (SAD)

  • Cyprus (cy_dps): Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS)

  • Czech Republic (cz_dif): Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF)

  • Denmark (dk_gdfi): The Guarantee Fund for Depositers and Investors (GFDI)

  • Estonia (ee_dgs): Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS) as defined by the Deposit Guarantee Act

  • Finland (fi_dgf): Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF)

  • France (fr_fdg): Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts (FDG)

  • Germany:

    • Private Banks (de_edb): Entschädigungseinrichtung deutscher Banken GmbH (EdB)
    • Public Banks (de_edo): VÖB-Entschädigungseinrichtung GmbH (EdÖ)
    • Brokerage companies (de_edw): Entschädigungseinrichtung der Wertpapierhandelsunternehmen (EdW)
  • Greece (gr_dgs): DGS

  • Hungary (hu_ndif): National Deposit Insurance Fund (NDIF)

  • Ireland (ie_dgs): Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS)

  • Italy (it_fitd): Fondo Interbancario di Tutela dei Depositi (FITD)

  • Latvia (lv_dgf): Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF), in accordance with the Deposit Guarantee Law

  • Lithuania (lt_vi): Valstybės įmonė Indėlių ir investicijų draudimas (VI)

  • Luxembourg (lu_fgdl): Fonds de garantie des dépôts Luxembourg (FGDL)

  • Malta (mt_dcs): Depositor Compensation Scheme (DCS)

  • Netherlands (nl_dgs): Depositogarantiestelsel (DGS)

  • Poland (pl_bfg): Bankowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny (BFG)

  • Portugal (pt_fgd): Fundo de Garantia de Depósitos (FGD)

  • Romania (ro_fgdb): Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGDB)

  • Slovakia (sk_dpf): Deposit Protection Fund (DPF)

  • Slovenia (si_dgs): The central bank of the Republic of Slovenia (Banka Slovenije)

  • Spain (es_fgd): Fondos de Garantía de Depósitos (FGD)

  • Sweden (se_ndo): National Debt Office – Deposit Insurance (NDO)

  • United Kingdom (gb_fscs): Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

(Note: bank deposits are no longer guaranteed by the Austrian Government).

Note that unless specifically indicated an Institutional Protection Scheme (IPS) is not officially recognised as a DGS.

Enums assigned by 2-letter country_code (in accordance with ISO 3166-1) and the deposit guarantee scheme acronym.

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